Words by Tracy Nicholson
Photography by Dan Francis Photography

Shawn Seckerson has always been an active person, conquering boot camps in her past and a more calming yoga in the present. For years, she had practically lived in clothing designed for the gym, but like so many of us, she also relied on activewear in her daily life. Comfort was key, but the missing factor was always fashion. To find a solution, Seckerson started researching workout clothing and yoga brands, discovering new lines all over the world that were fusing new technology, function, comfort and fashion. With the idea of bringing the lines she loved home to Fargo, this research would become the spark that would ignite her new venture, Beauteous Activewear. See inside her new store located in South Fargo’s Shoppes at BLU Water Creek.

The Business of Athleisure
Seckerson’s business model is simple yet brilliant. With the concept that activewear should transition seamlessly from the gym to our life beyond, she envisioned a store with all of the high-performing, fashionable and comfortable workout lines she’s comes to love and live in.
“The quality is there and I wanted to let everyone else enjoy the things that I like about these lines and make activewear fun. I want people to have that expectation that there’s always going to be something new here,” said Seckerson.“Beauteous offers more universal workout clothing that can be worn anytime. I travel a lot for hockey with my kids so I love to wear the yoga lines for comfort when I’m traveling. I usually tend to lean towards the more fashionable activewear. I also carry an organic line called Malie; I found this in Hawaii, which is one of my favorite places in the world. They have lotions, soaps, candles, reed diffusers, linen and body sprays.”

Whether you’re striving for perfect planks or perfection in comfort, Beauteous offers many different yoga and athleisure-style clothing lines such as Kira Grace, Lorna Jane, Alo, Varley and more. “Right now, my favorite line is Lorna Jane. She’s from Australia and an amazing designer,” said Seckerson. “She’s got the great colors, support and unique looks in her line. It’s just coming to the United States and it’s big in California, so having it here in Fargo means we get to finally introduce it to the Midwest.”

Fashion-Forward Youth
These days, it’s not just moms that are living in yoga wear, it’s also their daughters. To appease both, Beauteous offers a youth line of activewear for girls, sizes 4 to 14.
Engineered Activewear
“Since we opened, we have had all kinds of athletes, from runners to basketball players in here asking about the high-performance clothing. The pants in the men’s and women’s lines have been really popular with the athletes,” said Seckerson. “They’re just looking for more comfort and a better fit that can endure a lot of pressure.” Seckerson’s engineered solution for the men is a newer line named Rhone.

”Rhone clothing is a really unique, high-performance line designed for men. In some of their materials, they have a trademarked technology called Celliant, which is a muscle re-builder,” said Seckerson. “This technology is in a lot of their shirts and shorts, so this is a great line to wear post-workout to help keep the blood flowing.” Rhone also offers a new GoldFusion, anti-odor technology in their lines, where the fabric is treated with a microbial gold treatment. The brand was recently recognized by Forbes magazine and also awarded the “Best anti-stink activewear” brand by GQ magazine.

For more information, contact:
Beauteous Activewear
3265 45th St S #120, Fargo