christy remmick midwest nest magazineRemmick is a contributor and UND graduate, originally from Selkirk, Manitoba, but now residing in Devils Lake, N.D. As a child, she spent much of her time with her grandmother who was a talented seamstress. She quickly learned that following patterns was not her thing and would stay up late designing her own creations and sewing them from scrap fabrics in her grandmother’s sewing room. After college, she entered the corporate world in software project management and application consulting where she traveled all over the world working with large retailers. After returning to her husband’s hometown of Devils Lake, N.D. to raise her family, Remmick was able to spend more time on her childhood passion and launched Rilos & MiMi in 2012, creating custom handbags for large corporations and even the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. This month she’ll be walking us through her recent remodel, showing readers that her creativity is not limited to the sewing machine. Connect with her on Facebook or on Instagram at @RilosAndMiMi and visit her online store at