jessica wachter midwest nest magazineWachter is an art feature contributor and the owner and artist at Jessica Wachter Art, based in Bismarck, N.D. Wachter graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Dakota State University with degrees in Art and Interior Design. An award-winning artist, Wachter has also led a worldly career including numerous solo exhibitions as well as a speaker at TEDx Des Moines where she presented a TEDx talk entitled, “Everyone is an Artist”. Wachter paints, draws, screenprints and continues to intrigue with new mediums and scale. Her contemporary, mixed-media work is strongly gestural, often containing personal celebrations, struggles, joys, loves and losses. Wachter expresses these personal experiences through her use of color, texture, and composition. In each curated art feature, she brings exploration, inspiration, and a curiosity with no boundaries. In her travels, Wachter will focus on unearthing the Midwest art scene as well as shedding light on national and international gems. Readers will love her unexpected take on the world of art, design, fashion and architecture. Currently, her solo exhibition, #nowords, is on display at Capital Gallery in downtown Bismarck, N.D. through the end of 2017. Find more on Wachter’s work at