morgan schleif midwest nest magazineSchleif is a contributing photographer and is the photographer and founder of M.Schleif Photography. With a degree in Graphic Design and Public Relations from Concordia College, she found photography to be a natural combination in serving her abilities with people and composition. She has a passion for connection, community, and creativity which leads to endless opportunities in the F-M area. Her style is less ‘posed’ and geared toward capturing a realistic impression of whomever she is photographing- allowing her clients to be themselves and fully embrace their current phase of life. A photographer by day and pint pourer by night at Junkyard Brewing Company, she is an extrovert who is most inspired by atmospherics, conversation, and human expression. She is eager to add her take on the vibrant lifestyle that is Fargo, North Dakota to Midwest Nest. To find more of her work, connect with her on Facebook or Instagram @ Mschleif Photography, or view her full portfolio at